Zucchini Sheets

Sheets? Pasta? Flavor Layers? Not sure what to call these gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, raw, 100% zucchini things. They are ALL zucchini, and by all, I mean the skin and the pithy, seedy inside. Squash seeds carry all the protein so if you are looking for healthier vegetables/fruits, then eat the whole thing. The middle also carries fiber to balance out the carb load of zucchini. It’s also nice to know when you accidentally grow a giant zucchini, nothing will go to waste.

There’s really no recipe here, simply chop up your zucchini, put it in a high-speed blender with about 1/4 cup hot water (to get the blend going), pour on to dehydrator sheets and dehydrate at 140º-145º until sheets are pliable or slightly crisp (8-12 hours). Once you decide to make your own, the flavor additions are endless. Try adding fresh herbs, garlic, onion or other seasonings. I also make them with apples and eat it as a “fruit-leather” or dry it extra dry for a delicate Apple-Zucchini Chip.

Here’s what my best foodie friend did with the sheets at RassasyMe.com

Layered Veggie Trifle

Use sheets immediately or vacuum seal for long-term, shelf-stable storage. They can also be frozen in sealable bags.

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