Zimbabwe Report #1

So much for internet access on a daily basis.  I think it’s day 5 and this is my first time on the computer. This country has changed immensely since we were here 15 years ago.

It took us 45 hours from the time we left home to arrive at our lodge, we arrived in the middle of the night so when we woke up we were surprised with our surroundings.  Our hut/tent sits in the middle of a huge rock and off our porch is a waterhole about 500 feet below.  Game is in and out all day so we’ve photographed wildabeast, kudu, cape buffalo, baboons and warthogs.

The only scary part about the locale is Braxton sleepwalking… the first night we caught him on the porch!  Our tent is open air so we can’t really lock him up.  The handcuffs seem to be working well.  (Just kidding, I just keep a mama bear grip on him all night.)
It is really hot here, no A/C, actually no electricity unless the generators are on.  Thankfully there is a great pool carved out of the rocks that the boys have been in 4-6 hours a day.

Scott already has a cape buffalo show done.  Braxton’s been out once but didn’t get his zebra, 5 hours in a blind with no food wasn’t really his idea of a good time.  It is pretty tough hunting.  We are letting Scott get a few more shows wrapped up before be beg to go out.

All in all, I am trying to get a grip on this thing they call “relaxing.”  Yesterday I read a 281 page book – then I decided I better slow down as I only have 2 more books to last me a long, long time!  Very little is available here, in fact the only bookstore I saw in South Africa was selling American books for $30!

Because of the failing economy here in Zimbabwe, it is difficult to find anything.  Shops are closed down and many things are rationed.  It cost us $6 for 4 postcards that look like they are 20 years old.  Prices for all goods are more than USA prices, many cases double and triple – they use the US dollar now since their currency has no value.

Shopping isn’t really our concern though as we are 4 hours from the city.  One hour on gravel road – that means no sneaking away for a shopping trip for Mom!

We are eating all wild game and vegetables grown on the property.  The boys are doing great trying new things.  They definitely approve of the desserts!

Well, this could be it for an update for several more days.  Hope everyone is well and had an enjoyable spring break!
Hlalah Guthle,
Tiffany & boys

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