Unique Birthday Cakes

The boys wanted something different for their birthday party this year so we went on an internet search.  After narrowing it down to several options… iPod cake, boom box cake, spider, hamburger, pizza, fries & hot dog, they chose these two.

Happy 7th Birthday!

Happy 9th Birthday Braxton!

They were both easy to make and the added props like the pizza box and the red icing, made these cakes really look very un-cake-like.

To make the Hot Dog & Fries Cake go to Family Fun’s website-


We just did a web search for the pizza cake for ideas.  I baked a yellow cake in a large cake pan for the “crust.”  The rest was just from things I had in the pantry – “crust” vanilla frosting, “tomato sauce” red frosting, “cheese” ground white chocolate chips, “pepperoni” berry fruit leather cut in circles, “olives” black licorice, “red pepper” cherry fruit roll up, “green pepper” crushed apple Jolly Ranchers.  It actually tasted pretty good too, looked a little funny with the chocolate ice cream on top though!

Pizza Cake

Hot Dog & Fries

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