Swedish & Finnish Pancakes

Just because a cookbook is a little faded, dusty and from 1974, doesn’t mean the recipes won’t rock your world… leave it to this dated Sunset cookbook to do just that on a dreary Monday morning.

Cooking is like therapy for me… after returning to a cold, rainy, June from a glorious trip to Hawaii, we all needed a little therapy.  So forget about pancakes or scrambled eggs, we were going to have something really interesting for breakfast.  Thanks to my friend Sam and her productive chickens, we had a lot of farm fresh eggs (THANKS SAM!).  I decided to dust off my old Scandinavian cookbook and get back to my roots.  I couldn’t decide between the Swedish and Finnish Pancake so I decided to do both.  Actually it was the Finnish Pancake and the Oven Pancake but I decided to rename the latter.

When my hungry boys peeked in the oven, they thought I had lost my mind… “Why are we having 2 cheesecakes for breakfast?”  The pancakes did in fact look a bit like cheesecake, they were gorgeous as they puffed up perfectly in the hot oven.

There was time to put together a warm Strawberry & Blueberry Compote (way easier than it sounds – just warm up berries with a bit of honey) and whip a little cottage cheese into a “whip-creamy-like” topping.

Out the pancakes came and I was only able to snap a few photos as everyone wanted to taste these exotic creations.  Even Grandma & Grandpa dropped in unexpectedly just to comment to the boys, “We bet you are the only kids in your whole school who are eating THIS for breakfast!”  These pancakes were both REALLY easy and faster than regular pancakes.  Everyone loved them so we will be enjoying them again soon!

Here are the recipes…










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