Smoked Dark Chocolate


Smoke Chief Chocolate LR

The first time I saw the new Smoke Chief in action, my mind reeled at the possibilities. As an avid hot-smoker, the technique of cold-smoking never really interested me as it seemed rather complicated. With the Smoke Chief, cold-smoking isn’t only easy, it’s addictive.

Smoke Chief Cheese LR

First, I cold-smoked cheese, then fruit. It was only a matter of time before chocolate got tossed on the grill. Starting with the most basic, I tried a milk chocolate bar and a dark chocolate bar. After just 20 minutes of smoke, there was a notable difference in the flavor of the chocolate. Outwardly smokey at first, then creamy chocolate with a pleasant but bold aftertaste. The dark chocolate was by far a favorite.


Off to the grocery store I went to buy more chocolate… Mounds, Almond Joy, Cookies & Cream, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Crunch, Mr. Goodbar, Kit Kat, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (and the Easter eggs) and more varieties of plain chocolate bars.


Almost every candy bar was enhanced with a bit of smoke flavor. The favorite of many was the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as they took on a smokiness that was reminiscent of a Thai peanut sauce dish.

Smoking chocolate is easy. Simply place chocolate on racks and fire up some smoke. Use a cold-smoke generator or get your pucks or pellets smoking and place them in a closed grill without heat.

Smoked chocolate flavors deepen after smoking. Place smoked chocolate in a sealed container to enhance smoked flavor. Eat as is, or shave over ice cream or coffee drinks. Smoked dark chocolate is a fantastic addition to brownies and chocolate cookies.

Smoked ChocolateLR

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Just a note… On my last trip to Seattle, I found these in an upscale, international market. It was $14.99 for a 7-ounce portion. It is amazing how much people are willing to spend on smoke infused foods. Get yourself a Smoke Chief and start smoking today!Smk Choc PPMLR

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