Pizzelles in a Krumkake Press

Pizzelles in a Krumkake Press

More from my guest bloggers, Kazden & Braxton:

Pizzelle Krumkake10(Kazden) Pizzelles are a waffle-style cookie from Italy that can be hard and crisp or soft and chewy. Krumkake is another waffle-style cookie that originates from Norway. Both are made with a base of flour, butter, eggs and sugar and both are made in some kind of a press or iron that needs to be heated on both sides. They both can be rolled up to fill with ice cream, whip cream or pudding and served like a “waffle cone.” They can also be served flat. Depending on how long they cook, they can be soft and chewy or crispy.

Pizzelle Krumkake1We had a pizzelle mix in the pantry that we wanted to try but we didn’t have a pizzelle press. My mom sent us out to the garage to search for her grandmother’s krumkake pans since she thought they might work. They looked ancient but usable after a little cleaning. Pizzelle Krumkake2We did three variations of the cookies including rolled up and filled with cream, Pizzelle Krumkake12flat with powdered sugar Pizzelle Krumkake15and baked in the oven at 350º for 8 minutes and made into Nutella Sandwich Cookies. Pizzelle Krumkake13We also put the leftover dough in the freezer to slice and bake at another time. The cookies are mild flavored and not too sweet.

(Braxton) This was a fun experience in the kitchen using what we had on hand to combine cookies from two cultures. In terms of the techniques we employed during this culinary adventure, we used a krumkake iron on the stove top. Pizzelle Krumkake6Mixing the batter was pretty easy, consisting of some egg cracking, butter melting, and vigorous stirring. Pizzelle Krumkake4From there, we transferred the batter to the krumkake press, using just a tablespoon of the batter. Pizzelle Krumkake3We heated each side 30 seconds until gold brown on both sides. Pizzelle Krumkake7Next, while still warm, we took the golden brown cookie to the rolling station. Pizzelle Krumkake8Pizzelle Krumkake11The press actually comes with a metal cone shaped object. After rolling, they were ready to fill with some good ol’ fashion whipping cream. Once having sprinkled some savory cocoa powder and powdered sugar on top, they were ready for consumption. They turned out yummy.Pizzelle Krumkake9

Here is another way to enjoy these treats... top with plain yogurt and some blackberry/raspberry jam.

Here is another way to enjoy these treats… top with plain yogurt and some blackberry/raspberry jam.

As far as the problems go with creating these sweet treats, I set the stove on fire temporarily. This happened because I used too much batter and cooking spray and it seeped out the sides, landing on the hot burner. I turned the burner down to medium-high, added less dough the second time and found success. We also encountered a very hot handle on the press, this was a tough one as we needed to stabilize the base when turning the press. My mom saved us as usual when she found a cool gadget to place on the handle.Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.08.40 PM The Lodge Silicone Hot Handle Holder is usually for cast iron skillets but worked great for this. Thanks Mom!

(Tiffany) PRODUCT REVIEW: Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron This must be a good product as it is the very same design I have from my grandma and my mom thinks hers must be at least 50 years old. The only thing that has changed is the apparatus to form the cookie is now made of wood, where the older ones have a metal form. Although there are a few moving parts, they are simply made and come apart easily for cleaning. They work just fine on my glass cooktop but we took special care not to move them around for fear of making scratches. After getting these out of storage, we plan to actually make krumkake batter from scratch and give them a try soon.

(Tiffany) PRODUCT REVIEW: Lodge Silicone Hot Handle Holders I love my cast iron skillets but often forget how hot the handles get. These silicone holders are perfect for keeping burns at bay. They are flexible and can be used on many different kinds of pan handles and worked really good on the base handle of the Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron.

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