Ninja Ducks… SOLD!

When I first heard of the Ninja Cooking System I thought it was just another gadget.  Then I watched in amazement as Stephanie O’Dea, author of

whipped up several meals and even a dessert in front of a live audience of food bloggers.  Not only was I amazed with Stephanie (and her totally cool cell phone) but I was impressed with the Ninja Cooking System.  I had to have one and thanks to the fact I am a food blogger, Ninja Cooking Systems sent me a sample product to try!

One of the most challenging things I cook are wild ducks… they can be tough, they can be strong flavored and the meat can be really hard to get off all the bones, especially the tiny little “drumsticks.”  I was hoping to try the system out right away on some fresh ducks but filming for our TV show took precedence over playing with my new gadget so into the freezer went several of our Summer Lake ducks.

Fast forward a few weeks… time for ducks, time to see what the Ninja can do!

I didn’t plan ahead, I didn’t defrost, I didn’t have a special shopping list for my duck creation.  Into the Ninja went 4 frozen solid ducks, 1 frozen solid block of roasted tomatoes from last year and a liberal sprinkle of Cabela’s Whisky Steak seasoning.  I wasn’t even thinking about went well together, it was about what I could reach first in the freezer/cupboard.

Here they are before…

Slow Cooked Wild Duck


Here they are after…

Slow Cooker Wild Duck

Wow, even without a pre-sear, they were delicious.  Not as dried out as a typical crock pot method may make them, tender, flavorful and fall-off-the-bone with 5 hours on “high” slow cooker method.

We were all so excited to try them we didn’t get a finished photo.  Not to worry, we will be doing this method again with more of our ducks soon.

My review of the Ninja Cooking System is a THUMBS UP!  Better yet, look at the Bed, Bath & Beyond ad I just got in the mail today.  This is a great deal… be sure to use your 20% coupon with this purchase!

I was impressed… pheasant legs & thighs are next!  Oh, and then Pumpkin Ginger Muffins… YES, you can bake in the Ninja!

Check it out here (Oh, and what a cute picture of my friend Stephanie right there on their site!)

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