Duck Bacon

Yes, bacon traditionally comes from a pig but you’ve heard of turkey bacon and soy bacon… why not duck bacon.  This crazy idea came to me when I was making duck jerky with my new jerky blaster from Cabela’s.

As this was my first try with jerky using any kind of ground meat, I was a bit anxious to see how the brine flavors turned out.  Many times when making sausage, I like to fry a bit up to test the seasonings before smoking or curing the whole batch.  I didn’t see why I couldn’t do this with my batch of jerky.  I loved how neat and even the meat was coming out of the gun and I thought to myself, “Hmm, this looks like that scary fake bacon I try to avoid at all costs.”  So in went a few neat and even strips into my oiled frying pan.

See past blog post on Duck Jerky in the Jerky Gun for the Duck Bacon recipe.

To my surprise, the meat stayed together beautifully despite the fact there were no binding ingredients such as eggs or breadcrumbs.  It fried up very nicely and I actually ended up making more due to high-demand from my family.

To turn this idea into a convenient ready-to-cook breakfast protein, I portioned out several “bacon” strips on to waxed paper, froze on baking sheets and later put into a freezer bag.  This stuff is a great breakfast alternative to real bacon or all the fakey bacon on the market – nitrate and preservative free!  And the possibilities are endless, I am thinking deer bacon, elk bacon, wild boar bacon, goose bacon and who knows?  Maybe nutria bacon?

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