crepes finishedOne of the benefits of homeschooling teenagers is when their assignments include something that I get to eat, and write about. Braxton and Kazden are taking a Culinary Arts class and crepes are their first endeavor. Since this is their assignment, I will now turn the blog over to them. Please see the end of the blog for my review on Maxi Nature Kitchenware crepe pans.

crepe bookWe found this recipe in Julia Childs book, The Art of French Cooking.crepe recipeWe chose this recipe because it sounded good and it just happened to be National Crepe Day. Also, we had just bought new crepe pans and got them in the mail last week.crepeingredIngredients are simple and we had everything we needed.crepe mxOnce everything was blended, we let the batter sit in the fridge for 2 hours.crepe prepWe heated the pans with a little butter and poured in the batter.crepe pourAfter 1-2 minutes, they were ready to flip.crepe flip

crepe in panThe crepes were delicious sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and a topped with whipped cream.crepe whipThe techniques we used in this recipe included following directions, blending ingredients, cooking on the stovetop and cleaning up the kitchen. 

The results of this project went rather well. The only fail we had was with one crepe not flipping properly because (Braxton) flipped too early. It is important that the crepes begin to brown before flipping. We overcame the problem crepe by covering in whipped cream and giving to our dad. We will definitely be making crepes more often.crepe failREVIEW: Maxi Nature Kitchenware Crepe Pans

crepe pansI bought these Maxi Nature pans so I could make Spanish Omelettes and Hamsi Quest, two recipes that are much easier to make with matching pans. As soon as the box came from Amazon, my boys grabbed them to make crepes. The pans are a nice managable size and work great. The boys didn’t even need to use butter each time with the crepe batter. Here’s the link to the pans on Amazon.

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