Smoke It!

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smokeitIn America, smoked meats constitute our fastest growing snack foods. The world’s interest in smoke-cooking is at an all-time high, and this book covers what you need to be successful. Whether smoking meats, seafoods, vegetables or appetizers, Smoke It! shares how it’s done.

Southern Smoked Beef Brisket, Alder Smoked Potato Skins, Cowboy Smoked Garlic Spread and Apple Smoked Soy Salmon are just a sampling of the tantalizing recipes sure to capture your attention. Not only is every individually tested recipe alluring, but distinct wood flavors are also detailed, with special attention given to the creative style of chip blending.

Given the new and innovative tools of the trade, the time has never been better to delve into the exciting pastime of smoke-cooking foods. No matter what your level of smoking experience, this book will expand your horizons, and keep you wanting more.

Please note, the recipes in this book can also be found in the 3-in-1 book titled, Grill It! Plank It! Wrap It! Smoke It!

ISBN 13: 978-157188-415-2, 56 full-color pages